Master Plan and Real Estate Impacts

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  • Fev 1, 2024

Master Plan and Real Estate Impacts

In accordance with the instructions of the head of state, the Master Plan of Baku City has been prepared to ensure the planned and systematic development of the city. The Master Plan was approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on December 30, 2023. The implementation project of the Master Plan covers the period until 2040.
The City Master Plan Project was prepared by the International Urban Planning Company "AS+P Albert Speer + Partner GMBH" based in Germany. The preparation of the plan involved the participation of the Baku State Design Institute, "Ey" Consulting, and "Ramboll Uk" companies.

A budget of 93.6 billion manats is allocated for the implementation of the Master Plan. Of the allocated amount, 60.5 billion manats will come from the state budget, while the remaining 33.1 billion manats will be supported by the private sector budget.

The main goal of implementing the Master Plan is to encompass the entire administrative territory of the capital, covering 212.3 thousand hectares, and reflect the city's main development priorities over the next 20 years. This includes the creation of a resilient and sustainable multi-center city, the development of a durable urban environment formed through complex land use, preservation of cultural and historical heritage, land zoning, substantial construction, transportation, social infrastructure, environmental cleanup, and land development measures to facilitate the transition to a new city economy in the post-industrial era.

As the city evolves over time, changes occur due to natural processes, new construction technologies, new standards of living, and the overall development of society throughout the years. In the process of preparing the Master Plan, the dynamics of the city's past and present development have been analyzed. In this regard, notable approaches to development, such as the development of significant buildings and structures, and the concept of hybrid green corridors, have been considered. A detailed examination reveals a focus on quality, added value, the development of the ground floor of buildings as open public spaces, and a planning process based on principles of continuity, multi-functionality, and participation.
The development of metro transportation lines is also emphasized. In Azerbaijan, thousands of passengers use the metro every day. Currently, in Baku, the total length of metro lines is 40.7 kilometers, with 27 stations on 3 lines. Increasing the number of metro stations, especially connecting lines to specific areas of the capital, is a priority. The 28 May station, serving as a central hub of vital importance to the metro network, is planned to maintain its significance. By 2040, the total length of the metro network is projected to reach 73.4 kilometers, with 46 stations.
In this context, the development of the metro transportation system includes plans until 2027 to separate the green and red lines at the "28 May" - "Cəfər Cabbarlı" interchange station and create new supporting infrastructure. The completion of the circular metro network, the extension of existing lines on the suburban route, ensuring the serviceability of the "White City" and "Port Baku" areas, and the prospect of extending the metro line to the city of Khirdalan are also envisaged.

Determination of the location of new architectural symbols.
The new architectural symbols to be created in Baku, including the Flame Towers, the Aypara complex in the Port Baku area, and the Heydar Aliyev Center, will complement the city's skyline. Proposed key areas for the construction of new iconic buildings include the sloped areas to the east of the new central park and the areas around the 28 May Central Station.

City's main image.
To preserve and develop the city's central part, the creation of the Baku Central Planning District has been proposed within the framework of the Master Plan. The Aypara complex, a modern architectural example in Baku, has been incorporated into the central area as a key element enriching the city's image.

Construction of new housing.
Suitable land of 125 hectares has been identified for the construction of residential buildings to meet Baku's housing demand. According to experts, the per capita housing area is expected to increase from 20.8 square meters to 25 square meters by 2040. The creation of a modern living environment on these lands, especially to meet the housing demand of low and middle-income young families, is particularly emphasized. The construction of two residential projects with affordable prices, covering 46 hectares in total, is planned by "Mida" in Hovsan and Yasamal districts for the purpose of building residences.

New projects around lakes.
Proposals for two favorable residential areas, including Ziq Lake (approximately 29 hectares of land) and Böyükşor Lake (approximately 50 hectares of land), have been put forward.
Based on these results, urban development and "smart development" policies have been determined to guide Baku's future development. The goal is to successfully realize the vision of Baku's future development by 2040.

Real estate and new city projects.
By 2040, according to the Master Plan, the city's new projects will include environmental cleanup, land development, restoration of new transportation lines, and an increase in the number of green corridors and green areas. These issues are considered as key indicators of the country's development. The country's development reflects the rise in its level of urbanization. If you own real estate in the city center today, it means you are one step ahead of others. Keep in mind that as the level of development increases, real estate values in the country do not remain constant. Therefore, invest in real estate today to wake up to beautiful scenic mornings.
If you still don't have a residence in our developing city, seize the opportunity to acquire comfortable and scenic residences directly through "Area" real estate.



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