Beautiful and practical kitchen or choose both!

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  • 10 Okt, 2023

Beautiful and practical kitchen or choose both!

You can share many ideas by following social networks to create the kitchen you want. Everything looks beautiful in the picture, but how to implement such a project, and will it be convenient in everyday life? Or should one take it as it is: expectation versus reality? How to maintain a balance between beauty and practicality?

Perhaps the kitchen is the only place in the house where life is always bustling. Here we cook, eat, communicate, engage with children, and hold family gatherings or cozy meetings with friends. If the space is ample, you can prepare breakfast while the family sleeps. So we want this space to be as comfortable, functional, beautiful, and inspiring as possible.

Designing the work triangle

The main goal in kitchen design is to create a space that is functional for cooking. If there is no separate kitchen in the house, it is also necessary to plan an area where all family members can comfortably fit.

The work triangle is the area where the main daily tasks are performed. This area includes the space between the sink, refrigerator, and stove. The more precisely the work triangle is designed, the more rational and faster your cooking process will be.

Start with the kitchen sink

It is important to start with the kitchen sink when designing. Proper installation of the drainage system and sink plumbing will eliminate the need for complex plumbing structures.

Then you need to decide on the dimensions of the cabinet under the sink. If you plan to install a water purification system and drain system, then the cabinet should be at least 80 cm wide.

If the kitchen is small, it is better to choose a sink with a single bowl or a square bowl. This shape allows you to increase the useful area of the countertop.

If the kitchen is large, it is recommended to choose a double sink for the kitchen. It is convenient to place washed dishes in the second sink to dry. In addition, the second sink can be used to wash vegetables, clean fish, and thaw food.

Today, the most common materials for sinks are stainless steel and artificial stone. If your goal is to create a kitchen like the one in the picture, pay attention to artificial stone. Moreover, this material comes in various shades and textures, so you can choose the perfect color scheme for the intended style.

Kitchen stove and oven

Also, use the internal column to install the stove. This is both a functional and aesthetic solution.

The stove should be at the countertop level, and there is no need to lean over to put the ceiling on and take it off. The column is suitable for easy installation of a microwave and any other kitchen appliances.

The stove should be next to the countertop because these elements are often used together during cooking.

Remember that placing appliances at the same level as the work triangle is desirable. In this case, you will make minimal movements in the kitchen to achieve maximum and quick results.

Changing trend: Rationality replaces luxury

Kitchens in the style of palaces with pilasters and cornices have long gone out of fashion. But kitchens with metallic and shiny elements are gradually losing their popularity. People are tired of the unusual and begin to appreciate more functionality, technical characteristics, and ease of maintenance.

Until recently, such popular styles as Provence, Country, and Loft also took a back seat. It is true that fashion is changeable, and it is entirely possible that it will quickly turn to the next period.

The trend towards naturalness has also not bypassed the kitchen. Natural wood and stone are in trend. In the kitchen, there is less and less furniture and other accessories. All pots, pans, and kitchen utensils are hidden behind facades, and the facades remain smooth: they have no handles, panels, or glass. Hoods are either hidden or do not look like a hood.

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