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274 House, Villa
108 Land area
128 Apartments

About us

AREA Real Estate Agency

AREA Real Estate Agency is one of the leading real estate companies in Azerbaijan. One of the pioneer companies that stood at the origins of the establishment of the institution of real estate services in Azerbaijan was the GeoEko real estate agency, well known in professional circles. Confidently standing on its feet, the company had the largest client base in the capital and, thanks to its experience, managed to withstand with confidence even during the notorious default of 1998, when many organizations were closed.
In 2008, three leading employees of the agency founded their own real estate company AREA (Azerbaijan Real Estate Agency), which inherited from its predecessor colossal experience and deep knowledge of the mechanisms for creating an offer on the real estate market.
From the very beginning of independent work, AREA has set itself the task of raising the level of providing real estate services in Azerbaijan to global standards. Today, the AREA real estate company, combining experienced specialists in this industry, has focused its activities on working with the elite real estate sector, issues of selling commercial real estate, servicing corporate clients and people interested in real estate investments.
AREA Real Estate Agency is one of the few organizations that on exclusive terms collaborated with many well-known construction companies, such as Ugur 97, Hight Contract, NLT Construction, Kapitol, Ulubey, etc. AREA also participated in the development of projects for such residential complexes, like: Yeni Şeher, Orient Palace, Club House, etc., whose exclusive right to sell belonged to her.
AREA, being a member of the Baku Association of Realtors, participates in the promotion of real estate activities in Azerbaijan with the aim of creating a positive image of the profession of a realtor, increasing its value and significance in the eyes of the general public.

Thanks to AREA you:


Generate the correct initial price of the object


Protect yourself from a protracted sale in a falling market


Save time and don't look for a customer yourself


Sell your property within the approved time frame


Be sure of the legal safety of the transaction


Get as much profit as possible from sales



STEP 1 Please submit your application on the website by filling out the form.
STEP 2 The specialist will call you to collect initial information about the property and arange a meeting time convenient for you
STEP 3 We individually analyze your question, identify competitors and conduct comparative market analysis.
STEP 4 Meet with your personal sales specialist at the property
STEP 5 Together you determine and approve the correct starting cost.
STEP 6 Sign the contract.
STEP 7 Specialists make a successful marketing strategy.
STEP 8 Sell the object at the highest market price.